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Kimberly Lay is the shop owner. She has studied a variety of disciplines and has worked in a variety of fields . Kimberly considers herself to be a life time student, as one can never learn enough. She has always been intrigued by the energy that connects all of Creation. And the mysteries of the deep. It his her desire to bring Love & Light to the community and provide a place of knowledge and refuge for all who seek.


Maralis Self is a lightworker in the healing arts and is focused on feminine energy. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader. Maralis began her journey into the healing benefits of Reiki after experiencing its incredible benefits for herself, especially with anxiety and stress. Maralis is passionate about helping women heal through reiki. She also leads workshops to enlighten and empower women to discover the paths to their best selves. “I believe that every woman is a powerful & magnificent energetic being. This is why my work is aligned with feminine energy nurturing and healing. When you learn to have more awareness, to love yourself first and care for your own energy, you begin to actually live your best life.” -Maralis


 Heather Johnson offers intuitive readings. For three years, she has studied under teachers Nicole M. Ferguson and Debra Katz. There are many different reasons for receiving an intuitive reading, ranging from satisfying your curiosity to providing answers and information from Spirit that will help bring joyfulness and clarity to your life. Many people like receiving clarity on their relationships, goals, and life paths, and obtaining energy healing, as well. Heather receives guidance from the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, as well as guardian angels, and other positive spirit guides, who assist her in maintaining a clear head space so that she can receive positive and beneficial information from Spirit. She believes in God, however, you may believe in whatever source you want.